Mystic Merlin – Just can’t give you up (1980)

Mystic Merlin were originally a novelty act incorporating magic into their live shows before being taken seriously on the soul / dance scene.

The group, originally known as Mystic Merlin’s Magic Band, became simply Mystic Merlin and in 1980 when they signed with Capitol and released the Charles Kipps produced album Mystic Merlin.

It featured the dance classic Just Can’t Give You Up, a U.K. Top 20 single (the acappella from which was utilized by the U.K. group Life On Earth on their single Can’t Give You Up).

Recorded in Hollywood, the album featured the original line-up with further artistic input from Paulinho Da Costa, Jim Gilstrap, Bill Champlin, Cheryl Lynn, Gene Page, Charles Veal and Ernie Watts amongst others.

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